Virtual Escape Rooms by Lockbox

  • Name : Virtual Escape Rooms by Lockbox


    Lockbox online/virtual escape rooms offer the ability to delve into a fully immersive and interactive environment. Soon after entering, players will be able to interact with items in the room by inputting codes and solving puzzles while exploring the room independently or together. There is a live Gamemaster/host that is there to help guide you through the experience should you get stuck. We can host any size event from a small leadership group all the way up to orientation or team building events of 1000 or more! There are 4 exciting rooms to choose from: CIA Taskforce (Track down an assassin), Order of Illusionists (Become a Master Magician), Framed (Diffuse a bomb and break a friend out of prison) and Timeline (Time Travel to the 1980's to prevent a disaster from happening). This is as close to a real-life escape room as it gets!