The phrase "riff off" is from the movie Pitch Perfect and in the movie it was a singing battle between the Acapella groups on campus. This Riff Off is 2 singers, Emma Jude and Grant Swift loosely based on the phrase from the movie. Emma and Grant improvise swapping songs back and forth using the last phrase of the previous song. Emma has a repertoire of over 500 covers and as one of Carnival Cruise Lines top performers, she became a human jukebox with a personality to match. Grant has award-winning performances as a singer, guitarist, and one-man band and served as the Music Director of ICCA Semi-Finalists, The Fordham Ramblers, Fordham University’s original all-male acapella group. If you want to add some excitement to your coffeehouse series, this is just the show for you. Incorporate your own acapella groups to make it even more exciting