Remixing America with Idris Goodwin

  • Name : Remixing America with Idris Goodwin


    Hip Hop is a multidisciplinary art form born from the innovative creativity of black and brown kids in a post industrial pre digital American city. Those kids used their lack of resources as opportunities to create groundbreaking new forms of art and industry, driven by a desire to be seen and heard. They invented the remix, taking old things and making them newer, fresher and more exciting. In a moment where the nation finds itself demanding and fomenting critical change, politically, socially and economically, what do those innovative kids of the Bronx, as well as their descendents, have to teach us about remixing an entire nation.

    Multi award winning, Break Beat Poet, Playwright, Creative Organizer Idris Goodwin, Director of The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado Colleges breaks down the remix approach and how it relates to his artistic, pedagogical and civic engagement practice.