Pete Dominick-Politics and the Media

  • Name : Pete Dominick-Politics and the Media



    Pete Dominick was the host of Stand Up with Pete Dominick for 12 years on Sirius XM. CNN hired him and he became a regular commentator and then his own show called What the Week on CNN. Pete has covered 4 elections at CNN, MSNBC and SiriusXM. Pete speaks on the political climate in today’s world, while taking in all viewpoints and encouraging a healthy debate and conversation. How to breakdown and understand news and media, finding reliable sources of information. During the course of the presentation Pete will take students inside the world of media and politics showing students how both worlds benefit from dividing Americans. Media gets ratings and politicians get votes. Pete has worked at Comedy Central on the Daily Show and The Colbert Report and at every major TV News Network. He will do a q and a in hopes of debunking myths and breaking down conspiracy as well as helping students understand how journalism works and how they can know who to trust