Aggressively hilarious, charmingly cheeky, and undeniably talented, Hailey Boyle has been in movies, (About Last Night starring Kevin Hart) on TV, (Stand Up In Stilettos) and a festival favorite, (Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Festival, Glasgow International Comedy Festival, and The New York Comedy Festival). While some comics are struggling to find their voice and place in a woke world, Hailey is ecstatic to find that she has gone from being told "Women shouldn't talk like that!" to being called a "Sex Positive Feminist". Her favorite claim to fame is that she is currently the only person to ever have performed for over an hour while wearing and nursing an infant. Hailey has also been honored to entertain American soldiers on active duty in Greenland, The Bahamas, and Central America and looks forward to performing anywhere our heroes are stationed until they all come home. Recently named one of the 101 best working comics in America, her blend of down home humor and big city wit are earning Hailey Boyle acclaim across the nation and around the world!