Grant Swift is a New York City boy and the son of a preacher. Born in Manhattan, formed in the tri-state, and educated in the Bronx, he currently hails from Brooklyn. His original works “brilliantly recreate a modern mashup sound" by deploying his eclectic training in Baroque and Classical music, as well as the R&B, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz, and Pop he played growing up. His award-winning performances as a singer, guitarist, and one-man band have earned him acclaim throughout the United States. While studying at Fordham University, Grant served as the Music Director of ICCA Semi-Finalists, The Fordham Ramblers, Fordham University’s original all-male acapella group. As he earned a full double major BA in Music Composition and Philosophy, Grant led the group to their first Quarterfinal placement, with his characteristically intricate vocal arrangements. Grant plays regularly in a variety of formats in both private and public venues throughout the United States. His clients have included Audi North America, The New York Yacht Club, Time Out New York, and Hudson Yards.