Emma Jude

  • Name : Emma Jude
  • Shows : College



    Influenced by Maggie Rogers, Joni Mitchell and Noah Kahan, indie-pop singer/songwriter Emma Jude has travelled to over 30 countries sharing the power of these diverse inspirations through her soulful musical storytelling.  This NYC based artist has released multiple EP's and accompanying music videos over the years winning her the SAMMY for best pop album in 2019.  She now tours the country on the college circuit while also performing with her band throughout NYC and opening for banner names like Kip Winger.  Emma Jude’s music is made for the people that feel most at home while on the road and continually  adding to their next road-trip playlist.




    She released her first official EP "The One Person Game" at the end of 2015. Her album "Pocket Full Of Postcards" was released at the beginning of 2018 and is the perfect road trip soundtrack. Both albums were produced by the amazing Mark Doyle and her 2018 album was mixed and mastered by Jason "Jocko" Randall at More Sound Studios.   She also released the official music video for the song "Old Tattoos" in 2019. Emma is a well established studio singer.  She sang two songs on  the "Forgotten Songs" album by Scott Allen which was also produced by Mark Doyle.  She has also provided back up vocals for Johnny Rockett on his most recent albums releases as well as a handful of friends in Nashville.  Miss Jude released a Christmas album with friends Thomas Fleming, Michael Lawrence and Marvin Mallari at Tylerland Studios.  She also released her music video for "Snowfall" with videographer Dennis Fernando.  The video features life long friend, and professional dancer, Jacob Casey. Emma has been traveling all over the world as a musician ever since she graduated from Nazareth College in 2015.  Emma worked as a guitar soloist for Carnival Cruise Lines for three years playing a mix of soulful originals and a wide span of covers. Whether it's rock, pop, country or folk, Emma puts her own unique acoustic spin on each of her songs. She  was selected for the inaugural season on the Carnival Horizon in 2018.  Emma draws upon the beautiful songwriting styles of Sarah Bareilles, the remarkable sounds of Joni Mitchell and the edginess of Janis Joplin. Over the years, Emma has found the perfect song for just about any person at any given time but feels most at home in her indie-rock sound.