Derrick-Watkins - hypnotist

Derrick Watkins

  • Name : Derrick Watkins


    Experience the Ultimate Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show

    Dare To Dream Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show - The Top Choice for Unforgettable College Entertainment!

    Get ready to be amazed and entertained by Derrick Watkins, the master of comedy stage hypnosis. With his charismatic presence and unmatched skills, he brings the same level of charm and humor as the legendary Billy D Williams. Derrick's hypnotically funny hypnosis show will have you laughing, gasping, and questioning everything you thought you knew about the power of the mind.

    Dare To Dream Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show has been showcased on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Bleecher Report, MTV Show, and numerous podcast and radio shows. Our reputation speaks for itself - we are trusted by leading media platforms!

    The Best College Entertainment Money Can Buy

    When it comes to college entertainment, there's no better choice than Dare To Dream Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show starring Derrick Watkins. We guarantee a night full of laughter, astonishment, and unforgettable memories that your students will cherish forever.

    Fun for All - Student and Family Friendly

    We understand the importance of creating an inclusive experience. The Dare to Dream Comedy Stage hypnosis show is designed to cater to both students and families alike. Everyone can enjoy the comedic brilliance without any worries about inappropriate content. Witness an unforgettable evening filled with mind-bending illusions, hilarious antics, and jaw-dropping hypnotic feats. Derrick Watkins is renowned for his ability to captivate audiences with his unique blend of mind reading and hypnosis.