Dating can be funny. Comedian Dave Ahdoot is here to tell you why, and how. A few years ago, a newly single Dave Ahdoot and his newly single childhood friend Ethan Fixell took to Youtube to ask women to double-date them. Their initial video went viral and they ended up going on over 200 double dates! Using his experience and tons of audience participation, Dave has crafted a show that sheds light on something most people do and few people are good at: dating. Dave has performed at over 300 colleges and universities. He has also appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show multiple times, The Colbert Report, Royal Pains, MTV’s Made, and most recently just starred in the CBS Pilot “My Time/Your Time” from the creators of “How I Met Your Mother”. Additionally, he and his friend Ethan Fixell just starred in and executive produced Seeso’s “Dave and Ethan: Lovemakers”

Dave recently came out with a Sophomore version to include the Freshman class of 2020 …..