Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood

  • Name : Brian Brushwood, Bizarre Magician
  • Shows : College



    Since beginning his career in magic, Brian has authored 3 books, including Cheats, Cons, Swindles & Tricks: 57 Ways to Scam a Free Drink, Pack the House: The Ultimate, Ever-Growing Guide to Increasing Attendance to YOUR Campus Events (co-authored with C.J. Johnson), and the Professional's Guide to Fire Eating. Brian has made several TV and radio appearances, including appearances on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," CNN's "Life Beyond Limits," "The Roseanne Show," E! Entertainment Television's "Talk Soup," the WB's "Steve Harvey's Big Time," Tech TV's "Unscrewed with Martin Sargent," CMT's "Most Wanted Live," BBC's "The Paul Coyte Show," Westwood One's "Don and Mike Show," ABC-TV's "The Debra Duncan Show," "The Shannon Burke Show" on KJFK-FM, "Dudley and Bob" on KLBJ-FM, "The Morning Zoo" on KASE-FM, as well as news affiliates for ABC, FOX, CBS, and Time-Warner. Brian also is an avid computer gamer, and has been playing way too much of ncsoft's "City of Heroes."