Comedy, sketches, characters and music

Brent Pella is a stand-up comedian whose comedy sketches, celebrity impressions and parody music videos have gained more than 50 million views online and have been featured on MTV, Funny or Die, BroBible, Worldstar HipHop and more. A graduate of both the UCB and Groundlings improv/sketch programs in LA, Brent is best known for his impressions of Eminem, The Rock, and 'Young Jamie' from the Joe Rogan podcast, in addition to viral comedy short  "Why You Shouldn't Fly Spirit Airlines," which gained 3 million views in the first day of release and took the #1 trending spot on both Reddit and Youtube the same day.

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Brent was recently featured on an episode of MTV's Greatest Party Stories Ever, and continues to develop and produce his own comedy videos for release at YouTube.com/BrentPella.