Black and Tan-A Diversity Program

  • Name : Black and Tan – A Diversity Program



    Two comedians, one black one tan - Comedians Jordan Carlos (The Nightly Show, Guy Code, Black guy) and Dan Ahdoot (Cobra Kai, The Crew Tan/Iranian guy) engage in a funny, informative, interactive talk on race over ZOOM. Each show begins with their comedic take on race and current events. They will also bring in their own personal experiences to the table from two different perspectives, one black, one tan.

    After a fun back and forth, they will field anonymous questions from students, that they will answer in a non-judgmental, funny way. By keeping them anonymous, there can be no stupid or embarrassing questions or comments. No question is off limits. We’ll obviously filter out blatantly racist questions, but for the most part, our goal is to open the discussion, not close it, and the best way to do that is with comedy. Students and faculty have a tough time discussing these topics in the open, so let us do it for them!