Marc LaMotte


A former Assistant Director with the University of Georgia, Marc grew up in Pensacola, Florida. He started doing stand-up in college but stepped away from the stage after graduation to work as a university advisor. While Marc enjoyed working with his students, he missed performing and was soon back on stage entertaining audiences. Armed with a unique charm and generally ridiculous outlook on life, Marc’s comedy career is catching people's attention. Most recently, he was named to the Hot Comedy 2013 list in Campus Activities Magazine. He’s performed at the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival , been seen on the Cartoon Network and the upcoming movie "The Spectacular Now". Incorporating real-life stories with his entertaining physical humor, Marc has quickly emerged as a favorite on the college circuit. In 2012, he was selected to showcase at the Central, Northeast and West NACA conferences.

Some recent quotes from Marc’s shows:

"Still blown away by how good Marc was last night! What an amazing way to kick off this semester!" Western New England University

"Marc was hilarious and I now know what sound an owl makes." Elgin Air Force Base

"Marc was entertaining and appropriate, which can be hard to find these days in a college-humor comic." East Carolina University