Kiry Shabazz

  • Name : Kiry Shabazz
  • Shows : College


    Fresh from recording a set for Hulu and claiming first place at the Rooster T Feathers Comedy Competition, Kiry is a stand-up comic and full-time student pursuing whatever degree requires the least math. He grew up in the cold streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Not in a gangster kind of way, but literally -- Cleveland has really cold winters. Kiry was working at a restaurant in 2011 when he suddenly left all the glamor behind. He felt like he couldn’t truly be himself... A charismatic, witty, off-the-top comedian, whose hilarious punchlines have made him one of the best up-and-coming comics in Northern California. After shows he’s often told "your comedy changed my life." Which he can never be certain is a good or bad thing, sending him into a whirlwind of paranoia and insecurity. Kiry won the World Series of Comedy Satellite Competition and was selected for the 2016 Laughing Skull Festival.